Our Vision

We value the sense of community and the life with neighborhood. Technology has got us far apart from feeling the community in real life, letting us spend on-line 24 hours. However, we know we feel much comfortable and happy when we get along together. Craftie does emphasis the importance of the time to spend quality time with your friends, with your family and with you yourself. By providing the time and community through Arts & Crafts, we aim to be building up our new society and neighborhood.

What is Craftie?(B2C)

Craftie Inc. is startup based in Tokyo, Japan. Craftie (https://craftie.jp/) is online workshop platform matching users and teachers (B2C platform). By focusing on the area of arts & crafts categories, Craftie promotes handmade culture and empowers local communities.

We deal with various kinds of workshops ranging from pop, trendy workshop to traditional Japanese crafts. Now we have over 700 workshop menus where you can find your favorite. Botanical herbarium, candle wax sachet, cartonnage, weaving and accessory crafting are our popular workshops. Kids and Family workshops are also getting increased.

We deliver quality time and sense of community to our customers. We spend so much time to study our customer experience of both online and offline.

Community Service to our Neighborhood (B2B)

Craftie also initiates workshop service for retails (B2B platform). With our service, retails clients such as department stores, shopping centers, café and lots of consumer goods retailers are able to manage their fan communities as well as reach potential female segments.

Web Magazine Craftie Style

Craftie Style(https://craftie.jp/style) is web magazine for craft lovers and people/communities who are seeking for inspirations and new associations based in the great potentialities in design, arts and crafts. We provide crafting recipes and DIY ideas originated by artists (workshop hosts), stories of craft artists, craftspeople, social activists and entrepreneurs in arts and crafts area.

Inquiry : info@craftie.co.jp